The Seasonings

The word “flavor” means optimum ripeness, taste and flavor of the food. The latter is synonymous with exquisite food. From the above, is that our products reflected this identity, representing the fusion of flavors, textures and colors of an exquisite blend of naturally preserved vegetables.

Seasonings of Peppers

An intimate mixture of aphthous vegetables with a fruit native to the pre-Hispanic America.

Etymologically the word “Chilli”, comes from the language Nahualth (Azteca), and represents the chili, while language Quechua (Inca) “Chili” means COFIN, name which called to the south of his empire, today known as Chile.

Already in 1492, indicated that the natives Columbus ate all their food with pepper, as it was very “healthy”. Columbus thought it was a pepper, it introduces in Spain, the colonies in Africa and Asia.

Our seasons, intimately mixed vegetables common Chilean cuisine with peppers grown in different latitudes of Chile and neighboring countries. A selection of varieties of peppers originating, intimately mixed with vegetables typical Chilean cuisine (sweet peppers, garlic, onions), give rise to a live naturally colored product, creamy consistency, flavor and pure and authentic itching. A level of hotness and flavor defined in terms of the variety of pepper, and seasoning can accompany a number of dishes and preparations.